When you contact SelectMED with a view to working as a medical professional in Ireland, you will be sent an application form in which you will be asked key questions that will enable us to determine your eligibility and plot the best way forward.

The following is a summary of the pathway you will need to follow to reach your objective.

You may already have achieved certain requirements. If not, we’re here to help you all the way and answer your questions.

There are two limbs or sets of requirements we need to address in order to get you working as a medical professional in Ireland:

Firstly immigration and entitlement to work per se and secondly registration with the Irish Medical Council.

Limb 1 - Entitlement to work in the Republic of Ireland

Firstly, if you do not have a European Union or British passport you will need a work permit. If you hold a South African passport, you will not require a visa to enter Ireland. In addition, you will require a GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) Card. The GNIB card is an Irish Police document indicating that you have passed their vetting process and are legally entitled to work in Ireland. SelectMED will take you through this process. The GNIB card will only be issued once you arrive in Ireland and register with the local Garda District Headquarters. SelectMED will assist you in obtaining your Personal Public Service (PPS) number in Ireland, which is like a social security number. As a locum medical professional working through SelectMED and if you do not hold a passport from a country within the European Economic Area (EEA), SelectMED will assist you with registration on the Atypical Working Scheme. This will allow you to take up a locum position for a period of up to six-months.

Limb 2 – Entitlement to work as a medical professional in Ireland

SelectMED will need to establish your eligibility for inclusion on the Irish Medical Council (IMC) register, if not already registered. You will need a Certificate of Good Standing with your governing professional body (ie: HPCSA) and this will require you to be compliant with the applicable CPD scheme. You will also need a police clearance certificate from you country of origin. A laboratory report stipulating your Hepatitis Status (serology) is also required. The IMC requires applicants to sit the Pre-Registration Exam System (PRES) exams unless you are exempt. Exemption is granted to South African doctors who: Commenced internship after 1st July 2006 Were registered with the IMC before January 2011 and wish to restore their names to the register Believe that professional standing and experience will exempt you from the exam. SelectMED will assist you if you believe you fall into this category. Doctors from certain other countries are also exempt. We will advise you. SelectMED will email you an IMC application form, as well as all other documentation you need to complete. For more information, go to Our Requirements.