1. If I am not yet registered with the IMC and don’t want to sit the PRES exams is there any other way I can achieve registration and still take up a locum post?

Yes. There are circumstances where you may be exempt from sitting PRES examinations. See The Pathway

2. If I am only working in Ireland for a short while, why do I have to pay tax?

Prevailing Irish tax regulations require a ‘pay first claim back later’ system. Hospitals may no longer release your salary to an agent or a limited company (ie: SelectMED) without a written undertaking that payroll tax and deductions will be made on any funds that are released to you. Our accountant will limit your tax liability at source as much as possible and will endeavour to recover funds from revenue on your behalf in various ways.

3. How do I get my money back to an account in South Africa and what about an Irish bank account for my day to day expenses?

We will effect transfer of your funds in any proportion you require to accounts abroad and/or in Ireland. This will be done as soon as we receive your salary payment from a hospital, usually fortnightly. Assisting you in opening a current account at AIB in Ireland is one of the services we provide.

4. Will I be taxed back in South Africa on money I earn in Ireland and repatriate to South Africa?

No. Because you will have been taxed in Ireland and the base rate of taxation is higher than in South Africa, funds you repatriate will be tax exempt because of a double-taxation (DT) agreement. This will apply irrespective of the time you spend working in Ireland. However, if you benefit from a tax rebate in Ireland and send the funds back to South Africa, you will be liable for South African tax on your rebate if you have spent less than 183-days out of South Africa in a calendar year.

5. How is the hospital billed for my services and will I receive a pay slip?

As soon as you submit your weekly timesheet to SelectMED we will generate an invoice based on the terms of your contract and the hours worked and submit this to the hospital for payment. We will issue you with a pay slip when payment is made into your nominated account/s. The pay slip will reflect the amount and nature of any deductions.

6. How do I become registered for tax purposes?

SelectMED accounting staff will submit all the necessary documentation on your behalf and will apply for tax bands and credits from the Revenue Department. You will require a PPS (Personal Public Service) number, which can be allocated within a few days of your arrival in Ireland.

7. How much should I expect to earn in Ireland?

(If you are seeking a Consultant Grade post, please contact us directly about your anticipated pay grade). As a Registrar you can anticipate working 50 hours per week at €60.00 per hour. Your gross monthly salary in this scenario would be €12 000.00. After mandatory deductions, application of tax bands and credits and with allowance for anticipated expense claims, you should receive at least 55% of this (€6 600.00) as your net, take-home pay. Applying a rand:euro exchange rate of 14.50:1, this would amount to R95 700.00 per month net (in your pocket). Supply and demand dictates hourly locum rates so rates may be higher or occasionally slightly lower than those mentioned above. There are other avenues for augmenting you income such as completion of Section 21 Police Reports (ie: assault cases) that will earn you €243.00 per report.

8. What about accommodation and living expenses in Ireland?

As a rule there is plenty of affordable, furnished accommodation available near hospitals. A single bedroom, open-plan apartment would cost in the region of €350.00 per month. If you are taking up a new locum position, you are permitted to claim 3-months rental costs and 10-days subsistence at €108.00 per day as tax deductible expenses. Travel expenses (eg: flights from South Africa) are also deductible expenses. SelectMED accountants will recover this on your behalf. You will be given support and assistance in securing suitable accommodation before you take up a post.

9. How much is the application process likely to cost me?

If you require IMC registration from scratch and do not hold a passport from a European Economic Area country, the cost of your application will be in the region of €700.00. This includes the IMC and INIS applications. If you need to sit the PRES examinations, this will be an added expense.